Three Shades of Greenwashing

Download the Full Report We report the results of a pilot study as a first step towards establishing a major new research initiative that will monitor, analyze, and expose digital climate discourse and deception. This initiative will be directed by Dr. Geoffrey Supran at the University of Miami in collaboration with computer scientists at the…

ProPublica’s Electionland: The State of Election Day 2020

One post said the incident “should scare voters,” suggesting local officials can’t be trusted to count the duplicates correctly. That and other examples were collected by Junkipedia, a repository that gathers misinformation online. Electionland from Propublica | November 2020, Caroline Chen, Jack Gillum, Derek Willis, Isaac Arnsdorf, Maryam Jameel, Jessica Huseman and Ryan McCarthy

Inside the campaign to ‘pizzagate’ Hunter Biden

The claims have also spread far and wide on Facebook, especially on public pages and groups dedicated to the QAnon-linked SaveTheChildren conspiracy theory movement, according to posts viewed by NBC News, using a list maintained by Junkipedia, an organization that monitors misinformation. NBC News | October 2020, Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny

The most problematic “Fake news” are not complete falsehoods

Problematic content – what some call “fake news” — regarding the elections is spreading rapidly in the media environment, potentially laying the groundwork for chaos in this election season. And the most potentially damaging content, according to some experts on disinformation, doesn’t have to be patently false to have an impact. “That’s exactly why sometimes…