This is the Privacy Policy for the ATI Social Media Collector Browser Extension:

By installing this extension and sharing what you see online, you are helping to support crucial investigative journalism and academic research into how social media impacts our shared civic discourse.

This tool will collect and share:

  • The public content you see on Facebook and YouTube
  • The ads you are shown on these platforms
  • The reasons why you were targeted with these ads
  • Any recommendations associated with the content you view
  • Diagnostic data about the behavior of the extension
  • A unique identifier to link all the items shared from your browser

This tool will NOT collect:

  • Personal information about you that is not directly linked to the ads or content you see

You are in control. At any time, you can:

  • view everything shared with our project
  • disable or remove this extension
  • change which types of information are shared with the project
  • request that all information shared by you is permanently deleted from our systems